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About us

We help Enterprises to make informed decisions by enabling data analytics in their organizations.

What we do

We help our customers to understand the power of data and its impact on their business. We provide them with Business Intelligence solutions and services based on data analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning.

We build and introduce tools that change data into competitive advantage. Following our transparent reports with numbers given in an easily accessible way, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Our team worked thousands of hours with manufacturing industry challenges. Now, as the experienced team we provide services for the biggest enterprises worldwide.

How we do it

To be flexible with customers’ needs and market changes, we follow Agile methodology with its best practices.

Using latest BI software such as Qlik Sense, Alteryx or our proprietary software we change all the data (collected from different sources) into visualisations than can be used to improve internal processess and company’s productivity.

Why we do it

Our trust in data-based approach comes from authentic, objective and accurate facts. You can always rely on them when making strategic decisions and developing business.

We develop data-driven culture among business leaders. Although we come from an advanced analytics world, we speak the same language. Language of value.

  • Business
  • Detailed
  • Solution
  • Final
  • Implementation
    / Release
  • Support
    & Maintenance
  • Problems & needs

    We start delivery process with getting to know the business context and current situation as well as understand any difficulties or challenges that the company face. Then, we are ready to collect and analyze the requirements.
  • Prototype for tests

    To plan a project’s scope and time we use Agile approach. During pre-production stage we create a first version of dashboard with data to verify the design. Our solution is changing as we add data from further sources.
  • Quality assurances

    Our Center of Excellence helps to govern the quality assurance process of Qlik dashboards. As we go through validation, we verify if data has met the described criteria and has addressed the needs. Thanks to our proprietary solutions it is easy to automatically detect any deviations from defined rules and best practices. This way you can trust your data.
  • Ready-to-use data

    Data delivery is a source of useful insights and the key to business intelligence so it’s important to get the final solution of high quality. The next step is to deliver it with all the improvements.
  • Solution Delivery

    The final tailored-made solution is implemented using best known standards. We deliver dashboards that are integral part of business systems and process, complete and based on business objectives.
  • Under control
    / Quick help

    We will support you in a full-cycle maintenance of the application and dashboard development. Be our trusted business partner for a long-term success.

Who we are

Certified specialists, including following certifications:

  • Qlik Sense Certified Business Analyst

  • Qlik Sense Certified Data Architect

  • Alteryx Advanced Certified

  • Agile Project Management

  • Big Data Fundamentals Technical Mastery

Technology expertise

Technology expertise

Quality Assurance of Qlik Dashboards

Shookai has excelled in building a quality assurance process of Qlik dashboards.

Our Center of Excellence governs a uniform approach to scalable architecture creation. Our process is based on proprietary solutions that automatically detect any deviation from defined strict rules and best practices.

Custom Extensions Development

Shookai is able to deliver on the most demanding requirements by extending native Qlik capabilities with custom extensions.

Thousands of hours spent on building Qlik dashboards for demanding customers is a right background to understand which areas of a tool might be extended.

Retrieving Data From Disparate Sources

Shookai expertise allows to access and retrieve data from a variety of sources including external systems without exposed APIs.

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